Donkey: Poker Term Definition

On the off chance that a poker player is known as a jackass, he’s a terrible player who makes glaringly bad poker plays. This term is utilized for a frail or unpracticed player, particularly one who plays his hand against the chances and doesn’t overlay poor hands. Jackass is likewise abbreviated to donk.

An accomplished player may report that he’s playing gravely or intending to, as in “I’m going to donk it up this evening” or “I donked.” A poker tournament that has a high level of jackass players is known as a Dominoqq.

Before the term jackass came into normal utilization, these poor players were known as fish, pigeons, or dark horses. Another slang term utilized by some is “ATM,” as in a money apportioning machine. An accomplished player can be baffled when playing against jackasses, or he can appreciate the advantages of playing great against them.


The jackass has for quite some time been an image of tenacity and obliviousness or restricted knowledge. In the realm of poker, these attributes can without much of a stretch happen at the poker table. Ordinary plays that can draw in the name as jackass moves are calling each hand, proceeding to call while holding poor cards, and betting everything on a poor hand. Determination would be seen in proceeding to wager on a hand regardless of a poor lemon and with different players indicating quality by raising the wager.

The term is regularly connected to a player that beats another player who has a solid hand. A model would be a player holding An A who is beaten by a player holding 7-2, who keeps on wagering and makes two sets, a set or a flush, particularly when he makes the triumphant hand on the stream after at least one raises. Some of the time a player will be mistakenly called a jackass by the players he beats, notwithstanding when he’s playing shrewdly and losing was essentially because of expertise or karma.

Frail players who are playing firmly are once in a while called jackasses, as they are probably going to overlap hands they ought to have kept on playing. They don’t demonstrate the hardheadedness and recklessness that are the signs of a jackass. In any case, they may probably call different players jackasses.

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