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I started at the very bottom of the football pyramid

I started at the very bottom of the football pyramid

Yes, everything is turned upside down in Parma, there is constant confusion with confusion, no one has any idea who the current president is, where he comes from, whether he has money and settles debts, or has nothing but sterile promises, whether players are still in team, they train and will they go to the match. They do not even know what day they have today, except that it is another day of crisis.

It can not be worse

Look at it from a different angle – the difficulties and opposites of fate are to overcome them, and your worst team is behind you. Missed club decisions must end sometime.

Parma does not happen anymore, the second Rezart Taçi , Albanian, the head of an unknown Russian-Cypriot company, who for two months never appeared in the club headquarters, and with footballers and coaches did not exchange even one word.

Or Giampiero Manenti, check arrested for extorting money from fake bank cards, brandishing scraps showing that he will spend a hundred million on the team, which in the end no one has smelled.

On March 19, Parma announced bankruptcy. It’s not the end of the world, it’s just a sequence of unfortunate events and a bunch of irresponsible people, the consequence of their evil decisions from the past, which you will not change anyway. Feel clean.

This chapter ends and follows a catharsis. You feel relaxed, not necessarily happy, because Parma is waiting for hard moments. You know, however, that the clubs are falling to rise.

Like Fiorentina and Napoli did. You are also aware that football is a cyclical discipline. You know the words of a famous basketball player, the fact that he suffered a defeat for failure and that’s why he succeeded. Think that it is a time of failures for your team, for which success may be one day.Now take a look at how these features of UFABET.

I will count to ten now. When I’m done, you’ll open your eyes and welcome a new old reality that has never been easy. Remember that the end of an era is always the beginning of another.