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What’s the tea? The meaning behind Alex Morgan’s goal celebration

What’s the tea? The meaning behind Alex Morgan’s goal celebration

The Red Devils, on the other hand, made twice as much money as Milan, and Real Madrid almost three times as much as Inter. For the first time in the history of Deloitte’s reports, “Rossoneri” went out of the richest ten world. The income from match day of both teams was slightly more than Juventus, which has almost 40,000 smaller places.

The sale of passes before the current season was the worst during Berlusconi’s presidency – just over 17,000. Rywal from behind between struggling with comparable problems.

Photography as a work of art

If there are less and less fans in the stands – this season is less than 40,000, a dozen or so years ago it was close to 60,000 – this is because the teams from Lombardy clearly lack the names that attract people to the stadium.

They are missing because clubs can not afford expensive transfers – 30 million spent the previous year, barely a substitute of 120 million lined up six years ago – and paying high contracts – currently 170 million compared to 300 million three years ago.

They can not afford it because they generate microscopic incomes. And Financial Fair Play prohibits cash bypassing the state. And so the circle closes.

There is no easy way for Milan teams, the return to the glory years will not be easy and painless. Now, one powerful injection of money will not do it. The first step should be moving out of San Siro to new, own facilities, so as to increase revenues.

Already this one small, but drastic step on the way to rebuilding will take a few nice years. However, they have to leave the legendary arena, because this is slowly becoming the mausoleum of the great ball.Now take a look at how these features of ballstep2.

The budgets of both teams, in which a hundred million hole has survived to this day, have not been able to keep the best, because their income compared to the largest ones looked worse than poorly. According to reports by Deloitte, the combined influence of “Nerrazurrich” and “Rossonerich” last year amounted to as much as Manchester City.